Jeffers Egan

Jeffers and Jake met at the "New Media Center" of the University of Wisconsin in Madison back in the days when computerized audio and visuals required a special lab to do them in. Jeffers went on to study non-narrative motion grafics at the Art Center in LA, and has worked for the Blind Date TV show as a motion-grafics designer. Jake has brought out five full-length albums on labels from Worm Interface to Force Inc to Carpark to Kodama. Jeffers and Jake have performed live together in the States and in Europe on several occasions. They both live now in Berlin.

Their video/audio collaboration project "Slither" (k2o24 DVD) is availible only on DVD, with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS soundtracks on k2o records. "Slither" contains 73.800 frames of full-motion video from Jeffers Egan and 41 minutes of surround sound from Jake Mandell.

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