En début de soirée, une sélection par Plexiphonic d'une heure de clips-vidéos, photographies, ...:

Anastasia Yümeko Hill (videos)

Bart Pogoda (photography)

Photography has become a very important thing in my life. For a very first time I do know that is the way how I want to live my life. Athough I make money on photo shoots - photography still makes me happy - I still have lots of fun taking photos. Right now I travel around the world as a freelance photographer. I've spent last 10 month in Asia, but now I am moving to Central America. I'm intrested in photographing people particularly - portraits, reportages - that's what I like. - this is my multiblog (photoblog, stories, music, sounds, movies etc.) - and my portfolio

Music by greetings from tuskan

bart pogoda

Sehsturz (experimental DV)

Somniscope (video)

Somniscope is a geographically dislocated collaboration of Liam Frankland from Suffolk, England and Dave Fyans of Perth, Scotland.
Our love of the abstract, the ambient and the obscure brought us together. We explore our environments through the means of psychogeography, vibrant colours, natural and unnatural movements, soft focus, resonance and complex harmonic structures.

Ewo (videos)

Ontayso (video)

A video contribution by Ontayso
title - Swamp
time 9'34"
pictures taken in Estonia
music by Ontayso
copyright control - u-cover records

raphaël/plicploc (photography)

Raphaël's work is marked by an eye for detail. His pictures show everyday things from an always new and different angle. These pictures are the result of him looking around, and capturing exactly these little things that one could notice in everyday life. Be it in the house or while travelling. It does not matter, because beauty can be in everything. And that is where he is. He loves blue and we love him. (Plexiphonic)

music by

San Diego