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elements of sci-fi

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elements of sci-fi

elements of sci-fi

Formed: 1996 in Minsk, Belarus
Group Members: Nikita Chudjakov, Svetlana Shljachova
Style: IDM, Ambient-dub
Present Location: Ghent, Belgium
Releases: VA "Overdoze" (Delta 9 Records); VA "Minsk Underground Sounds vol.1" (I&I Records) Gigs: Festival "Future Sound Of Minsk" (1997, Belarus); "Effenar" (1999, Netherlands); "2B" (1999, Netherlands); lives at Minks clubs "A-Club", "Q-zar", "Reactor"; "M(Hertz series Vol. 2" at Nieuwpoorttheater (2002, Belgium), 'Cinecirq' Festival (2002, ACEC, Gent, Belgium), 'Electronic Sessions' (2003, JH Alfa venue at Brakel, Belgium), interactive audio/video workshop and live-performance in context of '10 Days Of Living' (2003, Ghent, Belgium), concert hall Vooruit (2003, Ghent, Belgium), Belgian youth culture festival 'Het Beleg Van Schoten' (2004, Schoten, Belgium), solo-concert at Logos Foundation (2004, Ghent, Belgium).

"Elements of Sci-Fi" was formed in 1996 by two old friends Nikita Chudjakov and Dmitri Protasevitch. The main concept of the project was to make a connection between atmosphere, ideas of science fiction and music.

This was realized in the form of electronic sonic landscapes carrying style-specific images and thoughts; as a result, chilling and deep tracks appropriate for home listening and 'chill-outs' were created.

Using an old computer and old soviet analog synthesizers, Elements Of Sci-Fi recorded their first demo album. The demo was presented in May 97 at the first Belorussian electronic music festival "Future Sound Of Minsk", and could be described as ambient, musique concrete, dub and experimental electronica. It gained a lot of positive and enthusiastic responses from local media, promoters and fellow musicians.

At about the same time the work on the second Elements Of Sci-Fi album had began. Named "Symphotrain", this CD was the third award-winner of the first Belorussian Electronic Music Awards 1997-98 (the chief of the jury, incidentally, was the famous electronic musician Christopher Franke of Tangerine Dream).

In January 1999, due to personal and creative changes Dmitri Protasevitch left the band to pursue his own solo career as JDPC. In 2000 Svetlana Shljachova joined Elements Of Sci-Fi as the new member.

At the end of 2000, as a result of permanent political degradation and self-isolation of Belarus, the band members moved to Ghent (Belgium) where they now live.

In January-February 2002 Elements Of Sci-Fi made their third album "Stratum". This album was premiered on 15th February 2002 at "m(Hertz" series of experimental electronic music evenings in Ghent (organized by the Institute Of Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music of Ghent and Nieuwpoorttheater).

In the end of 2002 Elements Of Sci-Fi finished their new interactive work 'Cinemath', which was presented in December at the audio/video festival 'Cinecirq' (Belgium, Ghent). The core idea of this work is to experiment in live-performed environment, combining short pre-recorded self-made loops, rhythms and beats with the live-assembled video-collage from the old Soviet sci-fi movies.

These days the band continues to explore the fields of electronic music creation, and also starts to run an audio/video workshops in Ghent. The first workshop was successfully organized during the Gentse Feesten 2003, and involved real-time audio/video manipulation (in context of the project 10 Days Of Living), and live performance by the end of the workshop.

In September 2003 the new program - 30 minute mini-album 'Moz-Art' was presented live in concert hall Vooruit (Ghent, Belgium). The line-up also included DAS ERSTE WIENER GEMUESEORCHESTER and SENOR COCONUT. The mini-album consists of 5 tracks - electronica remakes and free interpretations of works by genius-composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

30 April 2004 followed participation in Belgian youth culture festival 'Het Beleg Van Schoten' (7 different locations with performances, theater, music and art) in the center of Schoten.

9 September 2004 the group played solo-concert in Tetrahedron Hall of the famous experimental electronic music center - Logos Foundation.

In addition to live gigs music of Elements Of Sci-Fi was (is) played by different (online) radio stations and was (is) presented on such sites as, and and many others.

Elements of Sci-Fi are always in search for new possibilities to play live or to release material. In case of any queries/proposals please contact:


"Elements Of Sci-Fi" (1997)
"Symphotrain" (1998)
"Stratum" (2002)
"Cinemath" (2003)
"Moz-Art (mini-album)" (2003)

elements of sci-fi

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