Stembert drive-by

Hailing from the booming town of Verviers, the Herrmutt Lobby is composed of “nerds extraordinaire” Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch-composer Swiffer of the Fistfucking crew and whoever else happens to drop by. Separately they’vealready delivered several releases.

Kadah Vresky released their debut LP on DUB in 2002, have remixed Funkstörung and supplied tracks for compilations on Musik Aus Strom, Studio !K7, DUB, Civik and On Records.

The members of Back & Forth have recently finished a first EP after acquiring a reputation for their live performances.

Voluntarily sequestered in numerous locations of ill repute for days on end, Herrmutt Lobby are essentially these massive electronic jam sessions, selected, filtered and arranged for your optimal listening pleasure. Debut EP dropping on confined.be in November 2006.

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