Uranium song

Phil Maggi is born in 1980 in the insecurity of his hometown Li├Ęge, in Belgium.

He began his solo works in 2000, always with DIY production, often using his own voice, sometimes an old piano and analogic machines.

With IDIOSYNCRATICS label, that he founded with his long time compatriot and mentor Yannick Franck, Phil Maggi had the possibility to record a few creations, inspired by voiceloops and childhood melodies, motived by a personal work on memory, like a narcissic biography, between marvellous intense instants and bad dreams.

Phil Maggi is a member of furious and decadent projects like the multidisciplinary antipop combo IDIOSYNCRASIA, the nervous and visceral hypnotic noise-rock band ULTRAPHALLUS ( and the obscure esoteric religious duet EVE AND THE SICKNESS."

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