va – gazoullis et friselis

A mixtape of ambient, electronica, field recordings, exotica, modern classical, hauntology, …, including tracks from William Basinski, Celer, ISAN, Svarte Greiner, Stars of the Lid, Ryan Teague, Gonzo, Aphex Twin, Aleksi Perala, The Caretaker, Geir Jenssen, Colleen, Steve Roach, Arovane, Ssaliva, Ocoeur, Akira Rabelais, Pan Sonic, Pita, 1991, 36, Moon Wiring Club, TCF, Rashad Becker, Dag Rosenqvist, …, and some other collages of other untitled sounds. Particularly suited for late night winter trips. – December, 11th, 2016.

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00:00 “anbelb” by Arovane (Self-Released)
00:32 “Conversations With Angels” by Dedekind Cut feat. DJ Shadow & Chino Amobi (Hospital Productions)
03:44 “Track 01” by Untitled (Untitled)
04:57 “Diversion 2” by Ryan Teague (Village Green)
06:51 “g” by ssaliva (Self-Released)
07:42 “Aisatsana” by Aphex Twin (Warp Records)
09:46 “Camp 1.5. Mountain Upon Mountain” by Geir Jenssen (Ash International)
11:05 “Mouthfeels Of Capreae” by Celer (Humming Conch)
12:46 “Camp 10 World Music on the Radio” by Geir Jenssen (Ash International)
14:33 “UK74R1512010” by Aleksi Perala (AP Musik)
16:10 “Day 1” by Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
18:25 “Is Grooming” by Matthew Herbert (Accidental Records)
18:50 “Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In The Canopy” by Andrew Pekler (Faitiche)
20:13 “Atomin Paluu Part 6” by Pan Sonic (Blast First Petite)
20:32 “Alex” by Matthew Bourne (Leaf)
23:18 “Shadow Of Time” by Steve Roach (Projekt)
25:58 “Crystal” by Ocoeur (Touched)
28:03 “Your Heart is so Loud” by Colleen (Leaf)
31:15 “Circle_of_Light” by Delia Derbyshire, Elsa Stanfield (Trunk Records)
33:36 “Dances V” by Rashad Becker (Pan)
35:41 “Light Side” by Gonzo (Discrepant)
38:02 “Melancholia XI” by William Basinski (MMLXII)
38:48 “Come Snow” by Dag Rosenqvist (Dronarivm)
41:09 “Bedded Deep in Long Term Memory” by The Caretaker (History Always Favours The Winners)
42:34 “The Marble” by Svarte Greiner (Miasmah)
49:04 “Room 1” by 36 (A Strangely Isolated Place)
52:05 “No More Dreams” IV by 1991 (No More Dreams)
57:46 “Nocturne” by Moon Wiring Club (Gecophonic Audio Systems)
1:00:42 “Lace Murex” by ISAN (Morr Music)
1:04:30 “Pomegranates” by Porya Hatami (Audiobulb Records)
1:04:57 “Dark Flip” by Gonzo (Discrepant)
1:08:42 “1483 Caxton Golden Leg. 208b_2” by Akira Rabelais (Samadhisound)
1:12:01 “F8 5E BB 63 94 B5 17 BA 74 AC 11 EE 33 86 B2 7E 93 E0 E4 AA B4 CF 1F 64” by TCF (Liberation Technologies)
1:13:32 “Line Angel” by Pita (Editions Mego)
1:16:48 “The Evil That Never Arrived” by Stars Of The Lid (Kranky)
1:21:01 “Memories” by Celer (Streamline)
1:21:40 “Mental Caverns Without Sunshine” by The Caretaker (History Always Favours The Winners)
1:25:29 “The Carved God Is Gone; Waking Above The Pileus Clouds” by Celer (Infraction)