I’m living in Liège (Belgium).

I discovered ambient and electronica music about twenty years ago. At the beginning of the century, I collaborated with friends to the « Émission sans nom » late Sunday evening shows on Equinoxe FM. Together we organized the Panoptica festival (2002-2007) of which I was the discreet coordinator and the main contact with the artists (booking, etc.).
Since then, I still regularly performs sets influenced by ambient / modern classical / exotica / hauntology / fields recordings / … (using the open-source Mixxx software) where I create atmospheric and melodious trips. From time to time I include more uplifting and dancing tracks (IDM, braindance, acid techno, pointillistic trance, glitch, bass music, …).

Among others I played at/for Meakusma Festival (2019), les Garages Numériques (2019), RTBF Musiq3 (2017), Radio LEA on WarmFM (2017), Rencontres électroniques at PointCulture (2016), EquinoxeFM (2001-2007), Nuit des musées (2002), Cercle du Laveu, KulturA, … I like to play in the middle of nowhere, in old abandonned buildings, or at cosy venues,… Since 2016 I’m also a kind of electronica music programming consultant and resident DJ for Supervue festival on top of the hill « Terril Piron ».

I’m also sensitive to the poetry of ordinary life, what I express through photos or more recently in « instants » videos. I use(d) miu-ii (with 800 asa films), old-school polaroid, Panasonic LX3 or Sony RX-100. I again prefer discretion using small equipment I can bring everywhere.

On the serious (but still thrilling) side, I am researcher in computer science, more specifically in machine learning and computer vision for large-scale image analysis (see the project I initiated in 2010: Cytomine). I’m in favor of open science (open data, open source, …).

There is always more to say. Please feel free to contact me (in french or english) at web @ plicploc . org (without spaces) or through

I’m also on Instagram ( and mixcloud (



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