Here are some information about the venue, the detailed itinerary from anywhere in the world, accomodation facilities, and activities in the city.

Address - Itineries - Accomodation - Activities


The third edition will take place in a new, bigger venue, located in the Droixhe area in Liège (Belgium). Indeed, we decided to invest in a new and bigger location for this edition, not only to allow you to move around and express youself more freely, but also to create more space for visuals and guarantee better accoustics.

The address is:
Salle des fêtes de Bressoux-Droixhe,
Avenue de Lille s/n,
4020 Liège (Luik/Lüttich)

That's the first time an electronic music & visuals will take place at this venue, but a lot of other events already took place there including Musta Largo, Perry Rose, François Pirette, theater and different kind of exhibitions.
The venue is at the entrance of Droixhe area: 50 meters away from Souki supermarket (ex-Match), 100 meters away from Le Parc movie theater, 20 meters away on the same sidewalk than the police station. It is possible to park your car around the venue, even François Pirette parked his Jaguar there. ;-)

Feel free to use the forum for car sharing requests.

The Droixhe area in Liege
Droixhe area

click to see closer map (www.mappy.com)


For people living or arriving in Liège

The venue is less than 10 minutes away from Liège city center by bus or by car.

By car, drive on the embankment to Droixhe, carry on the "Pont Atlas", go through the crossroads, go straight (you see a tower with a "Souki" supermarket on your right), you are on the "Avenue de Lille". The venue is on the other side of the lane. It is possible to park your car under the trees.

Bus stops are located in front of the Liège-Guillemins railway station (Bus n°17) and at Leopold station (Bus n°18). Buses stop very close to the venue so it's very easy.
The festival starts on 8PM. On Saturday evening, last buses n°17 are leaving the Guillemins railway station in direction of the venue around 10.45 PM and last buses n°18 are leaving the Leopold station around 11.15 PM. If you miss the last n°17 bus, it is possible to take quickly the Bus n°3 or 4 to St-Lambert/Theater station, then run fast and cross the Place St-Lambert and arrive at the Leopold station and then take there the last n°18 bus ! After the party (sorry to already talk about that), on Sunday morning, first buses are leaving the venue around 5.10 AM to the Guillemins railway station and 6.30 AM to the Leopold Station. The festival stops at 6 AM. Complete Bus schedule here: Line 17, Line 18 (pages 4 and 5)

Taxis (Melchior: 04/252.20.20, Unitax: 04/365.65.65) are also available...

For people abroad

Liège is nicely connected to other belgian cities and abroad.

By car

Liège/Luik/Luttich is not far away from Maastricht (30'), Hasselt (45'), Bruxelles/Brussel (1h), Aachen (1h), Eindhoven (1h15), Antwerp (1h30), Luxembourg (1h45), Köln/Düsseldorf (1h30), Ghent (2h), Lille (2h), Paris (3h30).

Liege's main roads connections
roads to Liege - map taken and adapted from http://www.geo.ulg.ac.be/stage98/acces/

You should use something like Mappy to prepare your trip from your city to the venue. Liège is easily accessible from Bruxelles (E40 Bruxelles-Liège), Namur (E42 Namur-Liège), Anvers (A313 Anvers-Liège), the Netherlands (E25 Maastricht-Liège), Germany (E25 Maastricht-Liège or E40 Aachen-Liège), France (A42 Paris-Namur-Liège).

There are different highway exits to enter in Liège, but to reach the venue, the closest highway exit is exit number 7 on E25. The E25 is accessible from E40 and E42 at the Loncin interchange. It is also accessible at the Cheratte interchange for people coming from the Netherlands and Germany. When leaving the E25, directly take left to enter in Droixhe. Go through the crossroads, go straight (you see a tower with a "Souki" supermarket on your right), you are on the "Avenue de Lille". The venue is on the other side of the lane. It is possible to park your car under the trees. It should take less than 3 minutes from the E25 exit.

Ask people having a car if they have free place (lift, sharing) in our forum. Don't forget to bring orange juice, chocolate, tangerine or sweets with you to thank them.

By train

Direct trains to Liège-Guillemins Railway station are available from most belgian cities (Ghent, Brussels, Namur, Verviers, Charleroi, Antwerp, Hasselt, Eupen, Leuven, ...), and international cities (Paris, Lille-Flandres, Köln, Maastricht). Check IC (Inter City) and IR (Inter Regio) relations. So, if you are able to reach one of these cities, you would be able to reach Liège in only one more step. For example, Brussels-Zuid (Bruxelles-Midi) is probably the most connected railway station in Belgium and it's about one hour away from Liège-Guillemins (relations every hour). Then, check information about how to reach the venue when arriving in Liège.

SNCB: Timetables - Horaires des trains - Dienstregeling - Fahrpläne

By plane

Closest airports are Brussels (BRU), Brussels South/Charleroi (CRL), Köln/Bonn (CGN), Eindhoven (EIN), Düsseldorf (DUS/MLG/NRN). Airports are generally connected by train to the rest of the world.

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You can sleep in Liège at low cost at Auberge de Jeunesse Simenon - Georges Simenon Youth Hostel - Jeugdherberg Georges Simenon. Check also other possibilities.

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Why not staying a bit in Liège before or after the festival ? You would find well-known stores, but here is an unsponsored selection of alternative places to go:

Movie theater: Churchill and Le Parc (200 meters away from the venue)
Music: Timeless Rec Shop with various styles: electronica, ambient, jungle, ragga, acid, hard-tech, breakcore, trip-hop, ... location: rue Méan, 12, 4020 Liège (Outremeuse)
Bookshop: Entre-Temps/Barricade. location: Pierreuse area.
Public Market: "La Batte" on sunday morning.

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